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It is necessary for various buildings, schools, shopping centers and other big establishments to comply with certain safety standards to help people in times of emergency. Push bars are of great help in evacuating people easily from the building during any emergency such as fire, terror attacks or earthquakes. It offers safe and quick exit point for people who rush out in panic during such scenarios. Master Locksmith Store is a well-known locksmith provider in Oak Park, IL that can install high-quality push bars and also offer maintenance services when required.

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How push bars work?

Doors fitted with push bars are easy to open in any emergency situation. It has spring-loaded metal bars that are fitted horizontally on the door. All that you need to do is just push this bar and the door unlatches itself paving the way for quick and easy exit of people.

Push bars are designed to eradicate any stampedes during emergencies. Because when people are in panic and rush towards the exit door, there may not be enough time to pull open a door or unlocking the latches to open the door, which may further cause a logjam near the exit. Hence, a push bar at the exit door can ease out this situation as it can be opened with a simple push.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

Push bars ease out the evacuation process, but have created a dilemma for people as they think it may be a perfect entry point for any intruders. But actually, it is safer than we actually think. Push bars are designed to open only from the inside and cannot be unlocked by an outsider. Also, push bar installed door opens outward enabling streamlined exit of people. Master Locksmith Store is the ideal destination from which you can get push bars installed in your premises.

Our service availability:

Master Locksmith Store offers a wide range of locksmith services at a reasonable price for people in Oak Park, IL area. You can count on us for all your emergency exit installation needs. We also help in proving regular maintenance for your emergency exit doors to ensure safety. We offer a range of push bars to suit your building and to fit your budget. As discussed already, these bars are very effective in evacuating people from a facility in emergency and avoiding a huge loss. Hence, we offer a 24-hour locksmith service to take care of all locks and key problems.

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